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Book Page cards

I recently watched a youtube video using old book pages!
I've torn pages out of a book I'd read but didn't like, so I wasn't feeling too bad about tearing it up to make a card lol!
I gessoed the pages, stuck them to a card front, once dry put some distressed inks here and there on it 
dried it off with my heat tool and decorated it with bits and bobs.

this one has one of my Foamiran flowers on it 

this blue one I used Kaisercraft mists to colour the flowers.
Until next time, happy crafting, stay safe..
Recent posts

80th Birthday Card


This is a card I made the afternoon before one of the markets I attend,  I thought it was quite pretty and was pleased with it.
I had a lady pick it up to buy, she said it was for an 80th birthday!
I suggested I could put the number 80 on it for her in silver, she thought that was a lovely idea!

I love attending the markets and pleasing people with the cards that I make!
I have to smile now, as it was very nerve racking the first couple of times I did it, but once you relax and go with it, it is very satisfying! 
until next time, happy crafting, stay safe..

Baby Boy Card

At Sandringham market I was asked to make a baby boy card to go to the Netherlands.
The lady wanted Australian animals on it 

I managed to find some animals, hand painted the backgrounds of the card with Distress Inks,

made branches, leaves. painted a pond for the platypus, even a small Sydney harbour,

the back I thought should look more like a baby card.
Once again another satisfied customer *
until next time, happy crafting, stay safe..

8th Birthday card


This was a quick card for the young girl who lives next door to me, silly me I forgot it on the day!
I had some Cecily Mary Barker toppers so picked a lovely lemon fairy, I was quite pleased with how it turned it 

and Madison was really pleased with it. Her family left for a lovely holiday to Europe the following weekend, what a wonderful birthday present!
Until next time, stay safe, happy crafting..

Birthday 70th Exploding Box card

Here is an exploding box card I made, it was a request from one of the markets where I have a stall once a month.

the instructions for this were Lady, 70th birthday and Pink!
So here is my take on those words, again the card was well received.
until next time, happy crafting stay safe..

70th Wedding Anniversary Card


I was commissioned recently to make a very Special card for a 70th Wedding Anniversary in September!
I was given photos of the couple on their wedding day on the 13th September 1947 - how amazing is that..

I made a Z fold card with Foamiran flowers symbolising white Gardenia's & a Pink Orchid which was given to the bride by a close neighbour for her bouquet on the day!

a close up of the flowers on the front of the card,

inside with a lovely photo of the couple Joyce & Alex with the announcement from the newspaper of the day, behind this is a tag with a small photo of the couple,

inside the back folds I've put a photo of the couple on honeymoon with a tag for their daughter to write a poem,

I made a box for the card to be stored in with red flowers the bridesmaids hand in their bouquets (which turned out to be red Camellia's) on the lid, the bridesmaids wore green dresses in a similar colour to the ribbons on the box,

this photo show's a clear box I made …

Pretty Birthday Cards

Here I have some of the very pretty female birthday cards I've made recently, I can't help myself with misting watercolour paper!

I have fallen in love with misting & using modelling paste on my cards with stencils 

Here I have made some Foamiran flowers, this is another passion for me, I love how the flowers just seem to make themselves, I have a tutorial on my blog if anyone is keen to learn how to make them!

I love tearing the watercolour card once I have misted it, I just love it..
Until next time, happy crafting and stay safe..